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Favorite Celebs | Mindy Kaling

“Of course I’m riddled with doubts like every other creative, neurotic person, but if you don’t display them all the time, you’re seen as overconfident. I’ve worked in television for 10 years straight. If I were a man, it wouldn’t be considered strange to have confidence at all.”

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black people at work

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did you fall from heaven bc so did satan

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That was my nickname is high school


That was my nickname is high school

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Missouri has enacted one of the nation’s toughest abortion laws. Apparently, you can only terminate a baby when his hands are in the air.

— Laurie Kilmartin. (via mysharona1987)

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I Was the Innocent (A poem for Michael Brown) ↘


"Be a man!" They tell you. "Be good at your sports."

I didn’t much care for the pitch or the court,

Most swallowed the standards, I spat them out.

The plans I had were different, mine, not about,


“That’s a wicked sound, oh do switch it off.

Fast and angry, like a shout, like a…

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I blinked one day and when I opened my eyes, it was normal to have an American army battling Americans on American streets. No one even calls it a war. But it is.

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I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

I have goosebumps

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